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P    3       P    E    T    E       S       H    O    M    E    P    A    G    E    !

WELLCOME TO PETE┤S HOMEPAGE! Here you can find my Atari page with some ST and Jaguar stuff, SEGA linx page and some other stuff. There is also a usual list of LINX (in the bottom of this page), with even some quite usefull ones actually. I updated this page 16.12.1999. I added some Apple and Linux related linx, since they rule. OK. Have a happy life and SMILE!

My Snazzy List of Links

Keltainen-p÷rssi: A Finnish second hand market
Alta Vista Digital: Search engine
Lycos: Search engine
Yahoo: Search engine
Linux International: Linux Info & Links
X: Standard GUI for UNIX systems!
Apple: Manufacturer of the BEST computers in the world!
Mac Central: Apple Macintosh News Online
MacOSZone: Macintosh Shareware, Freeware & Demos!
Mac Addict: Mac Addict Magazine
Yellow Dog Linux: Linux for the PowerPC systems!
LinuxPPC, Inc.: Another Linux distribution for PowerPC!
Linux PPC org: The Official Home of the Linux/PPC Port
MacEvangelism: Resources for Mac users
Sega Web: Sega DreamCast News!
Atari: www.atari.com
OS/2 Super Site: Lots of everything for OS/2 users
Norloff´s OS/2 Shareware BBS: OS/2 Shareware
Computer History and Folklore: at Yahoo!
The Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page: OS/2 Gaming info & downloads
Free SMS service: Send GSM Short Messages free through internet (NOT very reliable service)
Jagu-Dome: Great Atari Jaguar site
Red Hat Software: Linux software
Virtuaalinen Itsehallinnollinen Keskus: Anarchist site (Finnish)
Animal Rights FAQ: Some Animal Rights info!
Sully┤s ST Nostalgia Page: Atari ST related stuff
Little Green Desktop: Atari ST software (Tons of games)
Saxophone.org: If you like Saxophones...
Boycot MicroSoft
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Pete Ruotsalainen



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