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P    3       P    E    TS    E    ´    S       H    O    M    E    P    A    G    E    !

WELLCOME TO P3 HOMEPAGE! Here you can find my Atari page with some ST and Jaguar stuff, SEGA page coming up soon and offcourse something about me and my life. My music page will be updated soon. There is also a usual list of LINX (in the bottom of this page), with some quite usefull ones actually. I updated this page 08.2.1999. Have a happy life and SMILE!

My Snazzy List of Links

Keltainen-pörssi: A Finnish second hand market
Alta Vista Telia: Search engine
Lycos: Search engine
Yahoo: Search engine
Atari´s Jagwire: www.atari.com
OS/2 Super Site: Lots of everything for OS/2 users
Norloffïs OS/2 Shareware BBS: OS/2 Shareware
Computer History and Folklore: at Yahoo!
The Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page: OS/2 Gaming info & downloads
Free SMS service: Send GSM Short Messages free through internet (NOT very reliable service)
Jagu-Dome: Great Atari Jaguar site
Atari ST on the internet: Links to ST (+compatible) resources
Red Hat Software: Linux software
Kapinatyöläinen: Revolutionary Anarchist magazine (Finnish)
Sully´s ST Nostalgia Page: Atari ST related stuff
Jetman´s ST Nostalgia Trip: Atari ST related stuff
Little Green Desktop: Atari ST software (Tons of games)
Punk Links: Links to pages of some Punk bands
Saxophone.org: If you like Saxophones...
Boycot MicroSoft
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